Wednesday, November 12, 2003

The issues of the Justice have been found and are being distributed. I've been asked not to state the name of the person who took them for the moment. The sad thing is, most of the campus still has no idea that the issues were stolen in the first place.
The editors of the Justice have been wandering the dorms looking for the missing papers. 300 copies were found in a black garbage bag in East, one of the main sophomore dorms, and hearsay has it that there are a bunch more in a certain senior suite. Right now it's looking more like a prank than someone upset at the paper, but I can tell you that the Justice editors are livid either way. More updates and I learn them.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Apparently someone has stolen the entire 4000 copy run of this week's Justice. You can still read the issue online here, but I always like having the physical copy in front of me. Not sure if this is some prank or a protest related to the debacle of a few weeks ago. I'll try and update as I learn more.
Another entertainment industry death. Actor Art Carney, Ed Norton on The Honeymooners has died. Apparently his grandson goes to Brandeis and is friends with some people I know, but I've never met him.
Apparently the CNN Rock the Vote debate was pre-scripted Well, yeah. Perhaps I've grown up in too cynical of a world, but I never thought that those questions were spontaneous.

Sunday, November 09, 2003

Saw The Matrix Revolutions on Thursday night. Enjoyable enough. Better than the second, not as good as the first, as all the reviews say. I think this article from Slate (warning, minor spoilers) has an interesting view on what went wrong. It really is sad that the greatness of the first movie has been lost a bit in the shattered expectations of the sequels.

While Revolutions has a narrative force that was missing from Reloaded that actually makes you care a bit during the battle scenes (as opposed to the "damn, this is cool, but do you really think anything will happen to Morpheus or Trinity" car chase of the second), the ending claims to wrap up all conflict, when in reality, all the questions of the first movie remain unresolved. **SPOILERS**If the Matrix still exists, isn't humanity still enslaved? And wasn't that the whole point of the war? If the war is over, will the machines release all of the minds from the Matrix? And if so, how will the machines power themselves? If the machines continue to use human energy to power themselves, wouldn't the humans be ideologically bound to still try to free minds that were ready? What exactly has been changed by Neo's martyr death? **SPOILERS**

The Matrix sequels have fallen into the same trap that has engulfed the Star Wars sequels. Too much hype, too little payoff. It's probably true that nothing could have lived up to the expectations of millions of fans, but no matter how bad the reviews, and how disappointed the fans, the movies continue to break box office records. And because of that, we will inevitably continue to see innovative, exciting movies that are ruined in the push for money-making sequels.