Friday, November 15, 2002

Thursday, November 14, 2002

So there's a teach-in against the war on Iraq tonight and fliers have been showing up on the dining hall tables titled '9 Reasons Why the US should NOT Go to WAR with IRAQ'. First of all, love the liberal use of capitalization rules. But let's get to the actual reasons.

1. An attack would be against International Law.
Um. How, exactly? The UN has passed a resolution calling on Iraq to allow weapons inspectors in or face military consequences. Is it violating internationial law to enforce international reglations?

2. Going to war without justification would only lead to more terrorist attacks against the United States.
First, we do have justification. Second, sitting back and doing nothing is exactly what will stop terrorist attacks. I'm sure of it.

3. Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter has stated that there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and that the US had no right to go to war.
I didn't pay to much attentiont to this at the time, but I remember a while back reading something (specifically at Instapundit and Live from the WTC) about Ritter doing a complete about-face and his position on this not being too trustworthy. More information would be appreciated.

4. Iraq has never used chemical or biological weapons when it was an enemy of the US, only when it was our ally. The massive military capabilities of the US haver served as a successful deterrent.
Didn't Iraq use chemical weapons during the Gulf War? We were allies with them during that?

5. Thousands of US soldiers and tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians would die.
Thousands of US and Israeli citizens will die if we do nothing. We cannot know how many civilians will die in this war. Far fewer died in Afghanistan that was predicted by anti-war folks then. I believe we can hope for the same in Iraq.

6. There is no evidence that Iraq supports terrorism.
Can't refute this one off the top of my head. Help, please?

7. Sanctions have already killed over 1 million people in Iraq since the end of the Gulf War. We cannot jusitfy any more deaths caused by US policy.
Sanctions have hurt the people because Saddam Hussein steals the food and money that is supposed to go to civilians to pay for his palaces and Republican Guard. By going to war with Iraq we can take Hussein out of power and allow for normal with relations Iraq once again which will make life better for all civilians. Just as we did in Afghanistan.

8. An attack on Iraq would disrupt the region, leading to a greater war with multiple nations involved.

9. We should concentrate on human needs and stop spending more than $400 billion on the military.
If we do not keep our nation and citizens safe we will not be able to help others. And wasn't it this massive military capability that was deterring Iraq in reason 4?

This was all done very quickly and off the top of my head. Comments, criticisms, etc. are greatly appreciated.
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