Thursday, November 06, 2003

While the Justice issue has calmed down a bit on campus, the mainstream media is still talking about it. Today there was another article in the Boston Globe as well as one from the Jewish Telegraph Association. In addition, a friend of mine said her parents heard a piece about it on a talk radio show in Los Angeles.

On campus, there seems to be a sense that the worst is over. We're back to our normal actions of having "forums" and "discussions." The latest being a special workshop led by a "noted diversity workshop leader/facilitator" who "uses poetry as her medium
of choice in her presentations." On Tuesday there was a lecture on "The History of the N-word." These discussions are important, but we've had things like this before and the problem is with attendance. How do you get people to these events and how do you get people to care? For now, all I see is a decrease in the amount of cynical sneers directed towards the forums, but that is not going translate to more people going out and attending these events.

Now I don't have a solution to this. I don't know if anyone does. But unless you really hit people where they live, unless you get at something that affects them, it's very hard to make them care. I wonder how many members of the BBSO were active during the "Men's Room" scandal two years ago when the racial slurs were directed towards Asian women.
For a change of pace:

This essay on the feminization of the American male, which I found via Instpundit and has apparently been making a splash around the blogosphere, doesn't seem all that original to me. I've heard most of it before, in a way less offensive to women. It also has shades of a Fight Club rant.

Monday, November 03, 2003

Campus Press Notes has some interesting updates from a source on the Justice. I think this quote pretty much sums up how I view the situation:

One person's racism is not symbolic of the whole community's thought. By saying that this type of racism is prevalent at Brandeis b/c one person holds views is irrational (and stupid).