Thursday, December 12, 2002

I put up a hit counter on the site a little while ago and I seem to be doing much better than I thought. I don't think I could quite get up to where I am thanks only to my sister and my parents. So thanks to all of you that aren't obligated to read this for checking out what I have to say. I'm taking my last final in half an hour (what, I should be studying you say? Nah.) so I should have more time to waste on this little project over winter break. Hope you all keep coming back. It's great to have you here.
Check out how popular your name is, compliments of the Social Security Agency. Apparently Hanah and Dahlia aren't in the top 1,000, while Hannah seems to have peaked from 1992-1994. Though, personally, I think originality in baby names is a good thing. Props to my parents for their imagination.

(Link via The Agitator)