Wednesday, October 16, 2002

They've caught the guy who made the Bali bomb. This one's hitting a little too close to home as well. My roommate's friend from home is studying abroad in Australia this semester and was supposed to go to Bali at some point. My roommate e-mailed her after we heard the news about the bombing and she hasn't heard back in 4 days.

UPDATE: My roommate got an e-mail from her friend in Australia and all is well. Thanks for all your concern.
They've called in the military to help find the D.C. sniper. I really hope they find him soon. Especially because my Aunt lives about 20 minutes away from where most of the shootings take place. And also because I'm supposed to be in D.C. in two weeks to perform with my dance group. Nine killed, 2 injured, it's been almost 2 weeks and they still haven't found him. What is taking so long?

Monday, October 14, 2002

Wow. My Con Law professor reads blogs. He sent us an e-mail this morning about a case the Supreme Court heard (Eldred - about copyrights) and said
"Blog coverage at:
Media coverage at:,1283,55684,00.html"

Blog coverage! I wonder how many other people in the class undertand what that means. And the third post on the first link is to the Volokhs. Maybe I can go impress my professor with my close family connection there. :-)